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The Great Thanksgiving Feast: We Conclude

And so, we conclude, the Great Thanksgiving Feast.

We had appetizers.

We had turkey.

We had some vegetables.

We had rolls.

We had a bunch of desserts.

And we learned some lessons.

Use your space effectively:

Chaos happens:

Cans of beans make great cookbook holders:

Butter, and tripods, are your friends.

Keep all your recipes together

Keep your workspace clean

Use an second (nicer) camera

Again, chaos happens

Post-it Notes are your friends

As is mise en place

Anything that can be done ahead, do it. If it can be made and frozen, do it. If it can be peeled and cut, do it.

Complicated decor is overrated. Plants rock.

Cover your tables in butcher paper, put out crayons and let everyone write what they are thankful for this year.

Gingerbread houses will keep any number of people busy for hours

Keep some things simple

Utilize your resources effectively

Serve buffet style

Accept the failure will happen and not everything can be perfect

And remember, amidst all the cooking, all the planning, all the shopping, all the dishes and all the house guests, to give thanks.