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“Scotch Eggs, A Tasty Egg Meat BallTreat”

“Scotch Eggs,

A Tasty Egg Meat Ball

When I first thought of making scotch eggs, I thought that
it would be more or less like making deviled eggs, but I have to admit that
making them were totally different from making deviled eggs. Making
this egg dish requires a little time and some patience.


Although I struggled the first time but I eventually got
it, but don’t worry I won’t let make the same mistakes. I will be sharing my
experience with you today of the do’s and don’ts in preparing this egg dish.


Many awesome variations


Scotch eggs can have many delicious variations, they can use
a variety of egg and meat types

For the outer covering of the eggs we can use a variety of minced
sausages like chicken, lamb, brief, pork etc. any one. And for the egg inside
we can use chicken eggs, duck, quail, ostrich etc. We will be using chicken
eggs and chicken sausages for our recipe today, so let’s begin.

All you need is

  • 300 grams chicken sausages minced.
  • Ground pepper, oregano seasoning a tsp. each and salt to taste.
  • Hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, however you like them.
  • Some refined oil to deep fry the eggs.
  • Some bread crumbs (2 hands full).


Mince the sausages in a mincer or a food processor and mix it well with the ground pepper, oregano seasoning and salt.Then make balls of equal proportions out of it.Four meat balls for four boiled


Pay attention now, as this is the most important step and a
tricky one. Flatten a meat ball into a round disc shape on a thin plastic sheet
as shown below and place an egg in its center.

Now bring together the four corners of the plastic sheet
containing the Flattened meat ball and the egg, and make a small pouch.

Then inside
the plastic sheet, shift the meat all along, around the egg, so as to engulf
the whole eggs inside the meat.

Now in a bowl break an egg, whip it with a fork so that the
egg yolk and white blends together. Then take the meat balls and dip them in this
egg mixture.

Then roll it in the bread crumbs, repeat this process 2
times for all meat balls

It’s time for the last step. Use a strainer to deep fry
these egg meat balls until golden brown, for good results use a large fryer like
use see in M.C. Donald’s

Note: they should not be touching each other or else they
will bond among themselves. Alternatively you can also try baking them for
obvious health reasons, remember the key is golden brown.

Enjoy your scotch eggs with a cheese dip or a mayonnaise
dip, and something nice to drink.