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In this hot weather, when even a minute spent under the sun seems like an hour, one definitely needs something to soothe their throat and hence mind. We bring to you a quick cooler, which will take just a few minutes to get ready and leave you refreshed for sometime. Don’t mind this SOMETIME thing because it is so easy to prepare that you can have another glass again. Once you try this cooler, you will surely make it often. So, do have a look to it and don’t forget to try it!

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes

Quantity: Prepares one pitcher


3 tbsp cushed peppermint
2 lemon
Few mint leaves
400-500 ml of any cold drink


  • In a pitcher, put crushes peppermint.
  • Cut one of the lemons and squeeze out its juice in the pitcher. Mix well with the peppermint.
  • Then cut another lemon into 4 parts( refer to note). Put them into the pitcher and also put the mint leaves.
  • Now use a crusher or a spoon to crush the ingredients in the pitcher. Be gentle if you have a glass pitcher, you surely don’t want to break it.
  • Once satisfied with the crushing add the cold drink to this pitcher (refer to note).
  • Your cooler is ready, take out in your favorite glasses and be ready to feel the heavenly hug in this hot weather.

NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t have peppermint, you can crush 7-8 candy and use them instead. If you don’t have cold drinks available, go for equal amounts of soda and before soda don’t forget to add powdered sugar as per your taste.

Once you try this cooler out, don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment box. Happy Cooking!