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Miang kum from Sailors Thai

In the meantime, we have made a good start on the 50 things every food lover should try (50 Things from now on) and have even knocked some off the list without even realising it… but it won’t feature here unless there is a picture…

So number 1 for us was Miang kum from Sailors Thai in The Rocks.

Without sounding cheesy – this was literally a thai taste explosion in the mouth. The dish consists of a heart-shaped betel leaf topped with a grilled Yamba prawn with shredded coconut, diced lime and crunchy peanuts liberally sprinkled over.  You get hot, sweet and sour in one hit. Personally, I could give or take the leaf – it adds an interesting texture but I just wanted more of the sauce!

Our mains at the restaurant were all suitably delicious and embodied the ‘Sydney Thai’ that I keep hearing about where climate, produce, attitude and style come wonderfully together….but the desert was something else and almost excited us more that the Miang Kum (especially Matt!). We didn’t get a photo of it – mainly because they were devoured so quickly, but it has inspired us to start our own list alongside the SMH list – so this will be number 1 – and a great excuse to go back!