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“Learn Eggs In A Basket,For A Fun Breakfast Surprise”


This “eggs in a basket” makes use of the ordinary, eggs and
bread in the most creative, and unique way I’ve ever seen, and to compliment
that, it all tastes pretty good too.

Making this yummy, pretty looking breakfast takes no more
time, than a regular breakfast would, but when it’s ready, it looks a hundred
times better than a regular one, ever would.


Tastes good, looks great

When I took a bite of this eggs in a basket, the first thing I felt was that
it was quiet crunchy, the base of the bun and the fried egg in it had become
quiet crispy, yet the rest of it was pretty soft and tender, like how a well
done fried egg, bun breakfast would, but then again

That’s not what this dish is all about, it’s about the presentation,
look it, it’s beautiful, anyone you make it for will be pleasantly surprised.


One of these with a fruit and glass of milk should easily
suffice anyone for healthy breakfast, giving all the nutrition necessary, to keep
you going through the day.

So why don’t you give this a try now, so that you
can get perfect one tomorrow, in time for his breakfast


All you need is


  • A large bun (preferably thin)
  • Butter, cooking oil or margarine anyone
  • 1 large egg
  • A large cookie cutter or a sharp edged steel drinking glass.
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • A cheese slice (optional)



Place the bun on a hard surface and use a large cookie
cutter, or a sharp drinking glass to cut out a large hole in its center like this

Then heat some oil, butter or margarine in a pan and lightly
fry the top of the bun

Now add a little more oil to the pan if needed to grease it
and place the bun flat on its bottom

Note: cook on the lowest flame setting possible from now on


Then break an egg in the empty centre of the bun, and right
after close it with a large steel bowl as I’ve shown below

Note: the bowl on top will cook the egg slowly in its own moisture,
this type of cooking uses less oil and cooks the egg completely, without having
to flip it.

This technique is also useful to make single fry eggs with little


Remove the bowl after3-4 min and check if its set, it should
look similar to a half fried egg, like the one below


Lastly, sprinkle some salt and pepper over it.

For some extra goodness, you may even place the entire thing
over a slice of cheese when you serve

That’s it, serve this yummy egg in a basket on a plate, not
in a basket 🙂
with a fruit and a glass of milk.


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