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Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Do you like eating those frozen yogurt from Sour Sally or Red Mango with such expensive prices IMO? well for half the price you get plenty of them when you could spare sometime to look for the ingredients and to make them at home. Here’s a basic yogurt recipe you could try at home, if you like the frozen yogurt then just put them in the ice cream maker..


  • 1 liter of milk, pasteurized are ok, but fresh milk is better
  • yogurt starter as much as 5% of the milk (plain yogurt, can be bought at the supermarkets)


  • Pour the 1 liter milk into a pan, then warm it on a stove with medium fire while we stir it up. Don’t let the milk boil because it will ruin the protein structure of the milk.
  • When we feels that it’s enough, set it aside until the steam from the milk disappear.
  • when the steams are all gone, pour the milk into a bowl that fits them, then pour in the yogurt starter. when you’re using yogurt as starter make sure that it’s plain.
  • stir it up with wooden spatula that had been washed with hot water to make sure that the spatula is sterile.
  • when done cover up the bowl with cloth, make sure that no light goes through the cloth, because darkness is a prerequisite for the bacteria to live.
  • Leave them in a room temperature state for 24 hours.
  • after 24 hours there should be a yellow thick liquid on top of the milk, stir it up with sterile wooden spatula until they’re even.
  • take some of the yogurt into a small cup to make another yogurt starter for your next yogurt. wrap them tight and put it in the refrigerator
  • It’s done.. store the rest of them in the fridge.

the rest is up to you, it’s done. you may add some flavor essence or sugar to sweeten it up, or blend it together with some fresh strawberries in a blender, or maybe you could put a syrup topping.

if you want to make a fro-yo (frozen yogurt) then just put the yogurt in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • you could change the thickness of your yogurt by adding more yogurt starter, for example: if you make this recipe with 1 cup of plain yogurt and want to make a thicker yogurt then try to pour 1.5 cups instead. you could change it also by leaving the yogurt for more than a day ( > 24 hours )
  • If you want the yogurt to be less then just pour water when the yogurt is done
  • try different flavor and toppings