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“Easy Spanish Tortilla Recipe”

A Spanish tortilla is a Spanish omelet which is healthy,
filling and very easy to make. It is ideally made with lots of thin potato
slices, onion, garlic, and finally eggs just enough to bind all of these
together, resulting in a tortilla which is crispy, delicious and enough to fill
you to satisfaction, that too with bare minimum ingredients

Easy tortilla, made easier

The name Spanish tortilla may seem fancy to you as it did to
me, but believe me there’s hardly anything complicated about its recipe, although
when i was going through the different types of tortilla recipes people were
doing, i saw some recipes which used authentic Spanish ingredients, some
unnecessarily made it, lengthy and complex, while some seemed too shallow and

I wanted a recipe which was clear cut, easy to make with
simple ingredients, and after going through a number of tortilla recipes, i was
able to form a recipe which

  • Uses fewest, most commonly used ingredients
  • Has fewest steps involved for trouble free
  • In a cooking style which uses minimal oil, for
    calorie conscious people like you, and still gives you a tortilla which is
    quiet delicious and satisfactory.

A tasty tortilla which cost almost nothing to make

The best part about this tortilla recipe is that you really
just need potatoes and eggs, which are common household items, although you can
use onions and garlic to enhance the flavor, and even added a few of your favorite
veggies to make it more nutritious, but that’s not the point, the point is that
you can make a tasty tortilla with bare minimum ingredients

and the reason for this “make do” nature of tortillas goes back to its legends, where to
coupe up with food scarcities tortillas were made nice and thick with many potatoes
a few eggs, so that many could be fed, even
with limited food supplies.

The perfect fitness food

This Spanish tortilla is quiet an ingenious dish, it uses
potatoes as its main ingredients and uses eggs to bind and lubricate them. Eggs
are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals, while potatoes are known for high
energy carbohydrates

These together are perfect to revitalize your tired body
after a good workout, which provides proper food for your hungry muscles and
helps them regenerate and become stronger, plus gives your body the energy to
carry on through the rest of the day without a problem.

So why don’t you try it out yourself now, go on, just follow
the steps below. I am pretty sure you’ll get a good tortilla too 🙂

For the Ingredients you need

  • Two large thin sliced potatoes
  • One table spoon of finely chopped
  • One large minced onion
  • Olive oil or any other refined
    oil for cooking
  • Pepper and salt to taste

Note: Although I haven’t put any vegetables in this Spanish
tortilla, but you may add a handful of your favorite veggies too, just make
sure you saute them separately to ensure they are properly cooked.


In a pan, in two table spoons of olive oil fry the finely
chopped potatoes on medium, high heat until light golden. Then remove them from
the pan onto a tissue to remove excess oil.

In the left over oil which should be about a teaspoon, saute
the onion garlic until golden brown

Now mix the potatoes fried earlier to this onion garlic
paste nicely and allow this mixture to cool off

Note: handle the fried potatoes gently, otherwise you could
mash them

Now In a large bowl beat the eggs lightly and add it to
garlic onion potato mixture to it gently stir to mix

After which heat a table spoon of oil in a large frying pan
and pour this mixture onto it like this


  • Heat the oil on high flame, and
    only when the oil starts to evaporate should you pour the mixture onto the pan,
    otherwise the omelette may stick to
    the pan
  • Try to use only one tablespoon of
    oil because if there’s lot of oil floating in the pan you may burn your hands
    in the next tortilla flipping step

Now lower the flame and allow it to Cook on this low flame for
approximately 5-7 min, or until the top

slightly solidifies, refer to image below

Now to flip the tortilla, place a lid on the pan then with
one hand on the lid and the other holding the pan carefully flip this setting upside
down so that the tortilla is transferred onto the plate, now slide the flipped
tortilla from the lid onto the pan and cook for another three minutes on low

Note: in the image below the tortilla is slightly
overcooked, it should be lighter brown than this.

That’s it our tortilla is ready, cut them into pizza like
slices and serve with, mayonnaise
dip, butter and bread, you may also have
this tortilla along with an yummy egg drop soup.

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