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“Easy Egg Rice RecipeWith Simple Ingredients”

“Easy Egg Rice RecipeWith Simple Ingredients”


Getting stuck indoors on cool rainy days makes me really hungry. On these days I’m too lazy to cook and too fussy to eat out and risk getting wet. On a day just like this, I used this egg rice recipe to make myself a wonderful meal, which to my surprise was pretty delicious for little effort I put in.

Honestly speaking it barely took me half an hour to make the entire thing and the best part was that it used bare minimum ingredients, which I think anybody would have at home. So if you too get stuck on a rainy day or even if you’re don’t 😉 you should definitely try out this recipe at least once. I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. But before we get down to actual cooking.

We will need plain boiled rice, which this recipe will use. So if the raw rice you have at home has cooking instructions behind it, then go with that, and cook a cup full. But if it doesn’t then read below and learn how you can make a low calorie, starch free version of boiled rice. Now with that taken care of, the few other things you’ll need are

Ingredients(serves one)

  • Two tablespoons of butter, margarine or regular cooking oil.
  • One large onion medium chopped.
  • A handful of beans medium chopped.
  • One clove of garlic, finely chopped.
  • Pepper powder and salt to taste.
  • Two eggs.
  • Half teaspoon of Cumin seeds (optional).
  • One cup of raw rice.

Note:Instead of beans you may use any other veggies you may have at


Starch free boiled rice

Take out a cup of rice in a boiler and then thoroughly rinse it with water at least twice.Now soak the rice in fresh water for at least half an hour.

Throw that water and fill it with fresh water. The water level should be more than enough to submerge it.

Cook on high heat for around 7 to 10 min, but check often by taking out a grain and mushing it with your fingers to see if it’s become soft.

When you feel it’s ready, take it off the heat and drain out the water. Allow it to cool down a little and finally take out the rice in a separate dish.

Making egg rice recipe

Heat butter in a pan and add cumin seeds to it. Right after two seconds add the finely chopped garlic and quickly stir for another five.

Now without delay, add the onions and beans and sauté on medium to low flame till onions turn golden brown. Also add pepper and salt to taste.

Now add the beaten eggs to this and stir gently on medium to low flame till small tender chunks begin to form as seen below.

When you see the chunks, throw in the rice and gently mix it on low heat till the composition looks even. Now taste and see if the salt and pepper is to your taste. Add more if you want, now.

That’s it! Enjoy this warm delicious rice on its own or with any curry dish.

Special thanks to mom for all her help

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