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Down-Home Easy Barbecue Pork Rolls Recipe

Recipes for rolls are wide and various.  Seek out a unique recipe for dinner rolls by trying out this delectable pork rolls recipe.  This recipe is a perfect dish for people who want to enjoy their meals at home.


* 1 (10.5 ounce) can Campbell’s® Condensed French Onion Soup
* 1 pound sliced deli roast pork
* Louisiana-style hot sauce
* 4 Pepperidge Farm® Farmhouse Premium White Rolls with Sesame Seeds, split
* coleslaw
* shredded lettuce


  • Get a skillet and heat the soup and the pork in it.
  • Season the dish with hot sauce.
  • Divide the dish among the rolls.  Top with your favorite choice of garnish.  Serve immediately and enjoy!