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Don’t tell anyone about the Scallops!

I managed to sneak some scallops pasta the 2 gatekeepers today and have treated myself to a great dinner on the sofa.  Just don’t tell either of them.

Amazingly simple and amazingly great.  All you need are peas, some bacon, some scallops and some balsamic vinegar.  (I added a few extra bits, but not many… honest)

There’s not much to do here, just fry some bacon strips until crispy, cook some peas in salted water and blitz in a food processor until smooth and pop on a plate.  Then in a hot pan, cook your scallops for a minute until slightly firm to touch.  Drizzle a little balsamic vinegar reduction and you’re done (balsamic vinegar cooked until sticky – it’s a pain in the ass to make but can be bought all over the place).

Its not necessary but for a bit of extra depth I put some fried shallots, garlic and fresh ginger into the peas before making the puree, and also seasoned the scallops with some ground chillis. Wonderful!