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“Deviled Egg Recipe In Six Simple Steps”

“Deviled Egg Recipe In Six Simple Steps”

A memorable experience When I first made deviled eggs with my mother, I was proud of it, the way it looked, so neat with swirling egg mayo paste and all dressed up with coriander leaves, it certainly looked fancy.

I was satisfied with my effort, just by the way it looked but when I put one in my mouth and ate it, believe it was awesome ,great overall flavor and a rich taste which lingered on in my mouth for next five min.I loved it and so did my folks.
More on deviled eggs Although deviled eggs are been consumed for centuries the name deviled is an eighteenth century invention, where deviling food literally means to spice up food with hot spices.

Deviled eggs are perfect appetizers for any social gatherings big or small, takes very little time to prepare and are delicious and inexpensive so let’s learn how to prepare this delicious easy egg recipe today.
For the ingredients  Hard boiled eggs
Mustard sauce
Pepper powder
Oregano seasoning or cayenne pepper


for the perfect deviled egg recipe

Cut the hard boiled eggs lengthwise and remove the yolks from inside it, and collect all of them in a large bowl

Now use a folk to mash the yolks, then blend them well with
roughly the same amount of mayonnaise (learn how to make your own

Note: for those who struggle to get perfect
hard boiled eggs
, read it here.

Now add 1 tsp. of pepper, 1 tsp. of mustard and 1 tsp. of
oregano seasoning or cayenne pepper to the mixture and blend them all

Just one last step, we need to fill the mixture into the empty egg
whites from where the yolks were extracted, to do this we can either use
a small spoon or a better thing to do is to fill this mixture in an
empty plastic zip bag and ice it over the egg whites.

Congratulations our deviled eggs are now ready, just sprinkle some
oregano seasoning or cayenne pepper over them and decorate them with
coriander leaves if you like, that’s it enjoy you deviled egg and
proudly serve them to your guests.