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Cranberry sauce recipe

Cranberry sauce recipe

Many families have cranberry sauce as part of their menu especially on holidays like Thanksgiving because of its great taste. Cranberry sauce can be bought at a food store but the best ones are the ones that are home made. With the best cranberry sauce recipe, it takes only a short period of time to prepare cranberry sauce and have it as part of the menu on one of the holidays. The ideal accompaniments for cranberry sauce include turkey, chicken sandwiches and other preferred leftovers.  The recipe is ideal for six people or more depending on the amount of sauce that will be eaten after the main meal.


4 cups of cranberries (fresh or frozen)

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of water

Blueberries, nutmeg, raisins, orange zest, pecans, currants, cinnamon (optional)


  • Clean the cranberries well using cool water. Make sure all the blemishes as well as stems are removed so that it does not affect the final outcome of the cranberry sauce. Furthermore, if using frozen cranberries defrost them in advance so that they can be easily used in making the sauce.
  • Place a saucepan pan with the water and sugar on the cooker and let it boil, while stirring so that the sugar is able to dissolve. The heat used to bring the water to boil should be medium and left to boil for almost five minutes.
  • Put the cranberries into the mixture of water plus sugar as it boils in medium heat. The stirring should continue at regular intervals up to the point where the cranberries start to burst. The bursting of the cranberries result in the discharge of pectin that is needed to make the sauce thick.
  • At this point the optional ingredients such as raisins, orange zest, currants among others can be added onto the sauce in the sauce pan. Spices can also be part of the extra ingredients to be used to enhance the cranberry sauce.
  • Let the mixture which includes the extra ingredients simmer for a while before removing it the saucepan from the heat source. The cranberry sauce should be allowed to cool down, preferably at the current room temperature before pouring it into a dish or bowl.
  •  The dish that holds the cranberry sauce is then placed in the refrigerator so that it can cool down completely. As the cranberry sauce cools down, it becomes much thicker and should be in the refrigerator for three hours or more depending on the needs of the person preparing it.
  • When serving the cranberry sauce, place individual amounts in smaller bowls which allow the guests to carry them around.

In the case where there are no extra ingredients to included in the cranberry sauce, then using the basic cranberry sauce recipe would be more beneficial. The taste of the sauce is still good enough to be included on a thanksgiving table and will be enjoyed with the accompaniment of turkey or any other leftovers.