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Chinese RiceYummy, Healthy, Convenient


This Chinese rice is quiet an ingenious dish which can
help you utilize all that leftover rice from last night, but that’s not all
what this recipe is good for. It’s has generous amount veggies, eggs and rice which
makes for a very healthy yet delicious meal, that can be put together really quickly
and conveniently.

Useful recipe

This Chinese egg rice is a handy recipe for brunch or lunch
when you have some leftover rice from last night. In fact it works rather
beautifully with this dish plus it also cuts your cooking time by half. So that
you’re in and out of the kitchen in 15 min, before your first trickle of sweat

Simple to cook

What? Never cooked Chinese before? No worries J because you need no
such skills for this simple recipe. The only thing you need is to know is how
to light up a stove. Also the only Chinese ingredient you’ll need is soya sauce
and kosher salt. And all the other things needed would probably already be in
your house.

This recipe will take you 15 to 20 min. If you already have
boiled rice ready with you. If not, and add the boiling time too.

We first start off, by chopping veggies onions and garlic,
which we then sauté in regular cooking oil, after which we’ll add the eggs into
it and scramble it. In the final part we will add cooked rice in it and mix
well. That’s it It’s as simple as that. But do read the complete steps below.

Healthy alternative to noodles

Mom makes Chinese noodles every once in a while, and even
though I really like them, it makes me feel a little guilty afterwards. All
that white flour isn’t very healthy right? And so this time on our Chinese
noodles day we thought of trying out something a bit healthier from the same

I thought of Chinese fried rice, a very popular street food
in my town. It seemed like the perfect alternative to noodles. It’s Somewhat
cooked in the same fashion, using chopped onions cabbage veggies and eggs but
uses rice instead of noodles which off course is a lot healthier in every way.

So with my fingers crossed, mom and I started off. Soon we
are half way in the recipe and realised that the recipe is so simple that it is
hard to go wrong anywhere. And so even in the first try our fried rice, came
out beautifully which by the way wasn’t just my opinion 😉

But the best part for me about the Chinese rice was the
experience of cooking it. It was quick and effortless and made me feel good
that I had put a nice little recipe in my arsenal which could prove useful any
day. So here is how I made it and the things you’ll need to get started are

Ingreadients for chinese rice

  • Two handfuls of cooked boiled rice.
  • A of clove of garlic.
  • One large onion and a handful of cabbage sliced thin.
  • A handful of finely chopped beans and spring onion.
  • Soy sauce, kosher salt and 2 large eggs.

Chinese rice recipe

heat some oil in a pan and put the garlic in it and sauté
for five seconds and right after add in the onions too, and sauté till Golden


Now add in the beans cabbage, salt to taste and 2 teaspoons
of soy sauce and cook till they’re are done.


Now beat two large raw eggs in a separate bowl. Add some
salt to it and pour it onto the pan. Turn down the heat and scramble the eggs till
small chunks begin to form and keep it aside. Refer to image below.


Now heat some oil in another pan and fry the boiled rice we
have. Also add a teaspoon of soy sauce to it to give it a little nice dark

Note: Use the lowest heat setting and stir often to avoid
the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

add this fried rice to the eggs vegetable mix we had prepared in the other pan
before and that’s it we are done


Our Chinese egg rice is ready, eat warm by itself or a
company it, by a quick              egg drop soup.


Special thanks to mom, for all her help.

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