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Chicken teriyaki recipe

Chicken teriyaki recipe

A taste of Japanese cuisine is revealed in this simple chicken teriyaki recipe that takes less than an hour in preparation and cooking. It can be made using any part of the chicken but the thighs and the breasts are most preferred because they are tender especially when cut into fillets. The ingredients used are easy to find and with some practice one is able to include other ingredients to enhance the flavor as per their preference. The chicken teriyaki recipe is a good way of starting to learn how to cook exotic Asian dishes for you and your family and will be ideal for four to six people.


4-6 boneless chicken thighs (filleted with skin on)

For brine  

2 tbsp soy sauce (Japanese)

2 tbsp mirin

2tbsp sugar (dark brown)

½ a cup of water

For teriyaki sauce

2 tbsp soy sauce (dark)

2 tbsp mirin

2tbsp honey (mild flavored)

2 tbsp sake


  • Use a bowl to mix soy sauce, mirin, water as well as brown sugar then pour the mixture into a zip-lock bag. Place the chicken thighs in the bag that has the mixture, seal it securely and store it in the refrigerator for sixty minutes or more. The mixture in which the chicken is soaked in within the bag penetrates the chicken so that it can add flavor.
  • Place the remaining ingredients such as the soy sauce, sake mirin and honey in sauce pan and put over heat that is medium until it comes to a boil. As the boiling continues the mixture, which is the teriyaki sauce will turn glossy and thick with the taste becoming that of caramel. Monitor the mixture as it boils so that it does not burn.
  • With the sauce ready, it is now time to prepare the chicken that was refrigerated in a zip -lock bag with the brine mixture.  Remove the chicken thighs from the zip-lock back and dry them from the remains of the mixture.
  • Place the chicken thighs on the grill in the oven and place the tray near the upper part which should be covered by baking sheets. The thighs should be facing upside down with the skin facing the bottom for better cooking. The baking sheets prevent the chicken from sticking onto the grill as they cook in the oven.
  • As the soon as the chicken thighs begin to brown on one side, they are flipped onto the other side as the teriyaki sauce is applied on both sides of the chicken. The chicken is to be left on the grill until it turns golden brown and the teriyaki sauce has covered every part of it.

Remove the chicken thighs that are ready and place them on the serving dish that should be covered with absorbent paper. Serve the chicken teriyaki when it is still warm with the remaining teriyaki poured over it. Garnishing of the chicken teriyaki to enhance its presentation can be done using grated ginger.