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Chicken parmigiana recipe

Chicken parmigiana recipe

Chicken parmigiana is a great accompaniment for pasta and a meal that greens as it brings with it a taste that is complements the two foods. The chicken parmigiana recipe elaborates preparation of this meal that results in pieces of crumbled chicken that are topped up by tomato sauce as well as grated cheese. The end result is golden brown chicken which makes it even more inviting when placed on the dining table. The chicken parmigiana recipe serves between four to five people and is quite fulfilling when made as described in the recipe. The uncooked chicken as well as the tomato sauce can be made in advance as preferred by the person cooking it.


For crumbed chicken

400g chicken breasts (skinless)

1/3 cup of plain flour

1 tablespoon of milk

2 eggs (large)

1 1/3 cups of breadcrumbs

1/2 cup of oil for frying

For tomato sauce (homemade)

400 g tomatoes (diced or crushed)

½ onion (peeled, chopped)

1 ½ teaspoons of sugar (brown)

1 tablespoon of oil

2 garlic cloves (peeled, crushed)

½ teaspoon of basil (dried)

Salt and pepper

For toppings

The topping used in the chicken parmigiana recipe is made of three different types of cheese namely mozzarella, tasty cheddar and parmesan cheese that are to be grated. They amounts needed per type of cheese is 1 1/3 cups, ½ a cup and ¼ a cup respectively, with the mozzarella cheese being firmly packed while tasty cheddar being lightly packed.


  • Any fat on the chicken breasts should be trimmed off and then horizontally cut them into halves. Place the pieces in clear plastic bags and pound lightly with a mallet to flatten the meat attached to the breast of the chicken.
  • Use a bowl to whisk the eggs as well as the milk, and then place the chicken into the mixture after coating it lightly with flour to reduce stickiness. When the chicken is covered by the egg mixture, coat them with breadcrumbs and pressing on them to make sure they do not fall off.
  • Place the chicken breasts into a sauce pan that has oil with medium heat and let it cook till brown. Cook a few chicken breasts at a time and wipe pan each time a batch is removed while placing them on paper towels to drain them.
  • The cooked chicken is then placed on a tray where the tomato sauce is spread on them plus the cheese toppings. The chicken is now placed in the oven for it to bake at two hundred degrees for at least twenty minutes until the chicken becomes brown.  When ready, allow the chicken parmigiana to cool then serve after sprinkling chopped parsley.

Directions for tomato sauce

Place saucepan with oil with onions and garlic and allow them to cook till tender while stirring. When the onion has become soft, add tomatoes, sugar and basil and increase the heat so that the mixture can boil. Allow to simmer to reach consistency then puree it using a food processor.