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Banana bread recipe

Banana bread recipe

Bread is a common feature in our homes, loved by kids and adults alike especially during breakfast. The banana bread recipe provides the same feeling of eating bread but with a distinct banana flavor. It’s quite easy to make with the most basic ingredients needed to bake and enjoy banana bread on a regular basis. The banana bread made from this recipe can also be toasted which further enhances its taste and texture as well. The banana bread recipe is for one loaf but with an increase in the amount of ingredients it can make as many loaves as required.

Aunt Edith’s


1 ½ cups of flour (all-purpose)

1 cup of sugar/brown sugar

1 egg (beaten)

½ cup of butter (melted)

Pinch of salt

3-4 overripe bananas (smashed)

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon of baking soda



  • Make sure the oven is preheated at 350 degrees with the tray that the baking pan is to be placed on much lower in the over. The placement of the tray in that lower part of the oven increases the chances of the cooking being spread evenly.
  • Grease the pan that is to be used hold the final mixture of the banana bread recipe in advance. The greasing of the pan ensures that the mixture does not stick to it especially when the bread is cooked and needs to be removed from the pan.
  • Clean the bananas before peeling them to be able to see if there are any blemishes on them and also confirm if they are fit to be used in making the banana bread. Avoid squeezing them when cleaning them in preparation for bread making.
  • Place a bowl that is large on the working surface and pour in the flour, salt, as well as baking soda.  Mix them together until they are combined well and the lumps have been broken down using the hand as well.
  • In another bowl, put in butter, vanilla, sugar, eggs and bananas then cream them together until they blend are well blended. This blending process can be done using a wooden spoon as an alternative to using a mixer.
  • Combine the two separate mixtures using a wooden spoon to stir until the mixture looks as one. The use of a mixer is also a good way of saving time and ensuring that the two mixtures are well blended before being placed in baking pan.

Pour the blended mixture into the baking pan and spread it evenly to make sure that all the corners are filled with it. Place the baking pan with the mixture into the oven that was preheated and gives it an hour or more to be ready. To test if it is ready, use a long toothpick to insert into the center of the bread and if there is no mixture sticking onto it then it is ready. Remove the bread from the oven and allow it cool before serving with various toppings.