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Apple Pie Vindication

So after my epic apple pie fail (okay maybe it wasn’t epic) of Thanksgiving, I was determined to re-do my apple pie.

I knew the problem wasn’t with my recipe, but rather with the corn starch. So taking the same recipe I used before and being insanely heavy handed and totally disregarding presentation, I give you: Apple Pie Redux.

You know that saying that everything is bigger in Texas?

Think of this as a Texas pie.

Bigger chunks of apple, bigger crust, bigger portion of cinnamon

The whole picture:

A pie that holds together. Amazing.

Note: this had WAY too much cinnamon. Like…way. And this pie had it’s own share of problems (the crust was too thick, there may actually have been too much corn starch, the apple slices were too think) but it was delicious. So stick with that original recipe, make sure you’re using good corn starch and all will be well.

By the way, apparently this month contains National Pie Week, January 23rd to the 29th. Do you like pie? Baking pie? What’s your favorite?