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Affordable Egg KebabsAn Everyday Delicacy

Your perception of kebabs will never be the same after you have experienced this wonderful egg kebabs recipe. Because believe it or not, this recipe uses no meat at all and is so ridiculously cheap and easy to make that you can take out a batch of six in less than half an hour. Without even breaking a sweat!

Tastes very authentic

When I first made these egg kababs, it did not expect much, but as soon as I took my first bite. I was blown off my feet. It just tasted like the real deal. In fact, if I had not made them myself I could not have found out whether they were made from meat or eggs.

They actually tasted pretty authentic. They had a prominent taste of ginger, garlic with aromatic Indian spices that gave it wonderful flavour. My entire experience with this ingenious egg recipe was undoubtedly brilliant.

The affordable kebabs

Now we all know that making kebabs is not child play, it takes considerable time and effort to make one of these. And not to mention that these days meat is not very cheap especially if you’re going for lamp “the meat of choice for kebabs”.

But now, with this easy egg kebab recipe, making kebabs has become as affordable as buying a pack of biscuits. Yes, you heard me right. All you need are some eggs, ginger, garlic paste, some Indian spices and that’s about it. Sounds unbelievable don’t it, well prepare to be surprised my friend and go get these few ingredients before we begin the actual recipe.

The ingredients

  • Three hard boiled eggs.
  • One tsp. turmeric, coriander, red chilli powder each.
  • Handful of fresh finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • Finely chopped onions (One large) and green chillies (one small).
  • Crushed Kasoori Methi (Dry Fenugreek Leaves) (optional).
  • Two tsp. of ginger, garlic paste.
  • 2 tsp. Corn starch and 3 tbsp. basin (gram flour).
  • Garam masala and salt to taste.


Grate the hard boiled eggs with a greater or a folk into tiny chunks as shows below.

To these grated eggs, add everything mentioned in the ingredients above, except the corn flour and gram flour. and mix it well.

Now to this mixture add two tablespoons of basin (gram flour) and 2 teaspoons of corn flower and knead it to a dough. Sprinkle some water over the mixture lubricating the dough as and when needed.

Take small quantities of this dough in your hand and make flat discs out of them as shown below.

Now heat some regular cooking oil in a pan and deep fry these discs till they become golden brown as shown below. Remove them with a strainer onto a tissue paper, which will help soaked the excess oil. Just repeat this step till you use up all the dough.

That’s it our egg kebabs are ready. Serve them hot with some ketchup or Mayo.

Special thanks to my sweetheart, for all her help

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