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Pan Fried Dumpling

Dumplings can be found in many Chinese cuisine especially Dim Sum and is also a great snack to eat at home. Dim Sum lovers here’s a recipe to create a pan fried dumpling.

Skin Ingredients:

  • 400 mg of rice flour
  • 100 mg of corn starch
  • 50 cc of water

Filling Ingredients:

  • 500 mg of minced chicken meat
  • 50 cc of water
  • 20 mg of chicken powder
  • 35 mg of sugar
  • 150 cc of water
  • 25 cc of soy sauce
  • 35 mg of corn starch
  • 50 mg of shitake mushroom
  • 12 mg of salt


  • Mix all of the ingredients for making the dumpling skin into a dough
  • Knead the dough to make a big ball and also smooth and elastic feeling
  • Pull some dough and start creating an inch thick log, and then slice them to several pieces
  • Use a roll to flatten them up, make sure it’s not to thick nor thin. If you’re confused, here’s a link to create better dumpling skins
  • After done with the skin, start mixing all the filling ingredients.
  • Put the fillings on the skins and create a fold, make sure the fold are strong and won’t leak the fillings
  • Fry the dumplings in a pan, and serve with soy sauce or chili sauce